Shipping and Delivery

Shipping & Delivery Policy
Last updated on Dec 23rd, 2023

International Orders:
For our international buyers, orders are shipped and delivered exclusively through registered international courier companies and/or International speed post.

Domestic Orders:
For domestic buyers, orders are shipped using registered domestic courier companies and/or speed post.

Dispatch Timeframe:
Orders are typically dispatched within 8-14 days, or as per the delivery date agreed upon at the time of order confirmation. The actual delivery time is subject to the norms of the respective courier company or post office.

Delivery Responsibility:
Epiphany Publication is committed to ensuring the timely handover of the consignment to the courier company or postal authorities within 8-14 days from the date of the order and payment. However, please note that Epiphany Publication is not liable for any delays in delivery caused by the courier company or postal authorities.

Delivery Address:
Delivery of all orders will be made to the address provided by the buyer during the order placement.

Confirmation and Communication:
Delivery of our services will be confirmed through communication on the email ID specified during registration. For any inquiries or assistance, please feel free to contact our helpdesk at

Exclusion of Liability for Breakable Items:
It’s important to note that Epiphany Publication is not responsible for any damage to breakable items, such as glass, during the shipping and delivery process. While we take utmost care in packaging, the inherent fragility of certain items means that we cannot guarantee their condition upon arrival.

This policy is designed to provide clarity and transparency regarding the shipping and delivery process. Epiphany Publication aims to offer a reliable and efficient service to ensure the satisfaction of our valued customers.