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How can I purchase books from Epiphany Publications?

Purchasing books from Epiphany Publications is easy! Simply visit our online bookstore on our website. Browse through our diverse collection of titles, select the books you want to purchase, and proceed to the checkout. We offer a secure and convenient payment process to ensure a smooth shopping experience for our readers.

Can I publish my own book with Epiphany Publications, either as a solo author or as part of an anthology?

Absolutely! Epiphany Publications welcomes both solo authors and contributors to anthologies. If you’re an aspiring author with a manuscript ready for publishing, check out our submission guidelines on the “Publish with Us” page. We provide a platform for writers to showcase their work, whether it’s a solo project or part of a collaborative anthology. Our editorial team is dedicated to supporting authors through the publishing process.

How does Epiphany Publications handle the publishing process for anthologies?

Publishing anthologies with Epiphany Publications is a collaborative and streamlined process. If you have an anthology project in mind, reach out to our editorial team through the “Contact Us” page. We’ll guide you through the submission and selection process, ensuring that the collection aligns with our publishing standards. Our team will work closely with anthology contributors to coordinate editing, design, and promotion, providing a comprehensive publishing experience for all involved authors.

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"Agar kam budget mein premium publishing chahiye, toh Epiphany Publications ek solid choice hai.Overall service ka level bada hi top-notch hai, aur sath mein, budget-friendly bhi. Yahaan ka scene alag hai, quality pe compromise nahi. Epiphany ke saath, writer ka har paisa vasool!"
Priyanka Sen
Hyderabad, Engineering
"Book covers ki toh baat hi alag hai, ek dum dil ko choo jaati hai. Yahan ka vibe next level hai– writer jab tak khush nahi hota, tab tak cover design se haath nahi uthate."
Harsh Baikda
Indore, Founder of Gurukulam e-Shiksha
""Smile Please" ek khoobsurat poetry book hai, aur jaise title ke hisaab se, har ek page padhne ke baad sach mein ek muskurahat aayi."
Sweety Patidar
House Wife, Birmawa
"I have purchased a book Love at First Sight.It is an exceptional anthology where the compilers and co-authors have done an outstanding job. The collaborative effort seamlessly weaves together different perspectives on love, creating a collection that captures the essence of love from various angles."
Jay Sharma
Social Media Expert, Tilgara (Dhar)

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